Well, maybe time served and a fine?

“Sweet Pussy Keeps it Warm” is out at Smashwords.com and of course Amazon.com ! Book 3 in the Sweet Pussy series may be the hottest yet. Let me know what you think, yeah?

I may well do some time in Hell for this one. Sweet Pussy, torrid temptress that she is, has her sites on a certain man of the cloth. It’s a great story and I think both characters read likeable and certainly lick-able! -Rachel



Busy Beaver!

Hi! Rachel here. I’ve been grinding away on my computer. It has a wonderful vibration setting! I’ve also been typing on it, crafting new chapters for my BFF Sweet Pussy. Coming soon! (Or currently, just listen for the screams.) We will have three new chapters.


Dear Charity…

So sorry to have put you on the back burner! Although you are pretty hot you need some spice! I promise to give you a stir and add a pinch or two and serve you up again soon! I’ll offer you free on Smashwords for a time so anyone who loved you once can find you again! Rest assured, Red Rocker, you’re star is going to shine!

Sexy and a bit silly…

Just out last night! Glory is listed as off limits to all company employees by her Father, unless she decides to do the pursuing! Jack is the new Golden Boy and he’s caught more than the bosses eye! Poor guy doesn’t stand a chance, but then, neither does she.
Amongst the burning sex is the rather odd and clueless behavior of her father’s heads of the company. I hope it entertains! I had fun writing it!

Hot off the press

Young Up and Cummers

April’s Expecting redux!

I was rereading my book and found it to be not quite right. Many little things bothered me. Granted I should have caught all of this before I ever put it out for sale, but i didn’t.

SO… a new version has been uploaded. If you were nice enough to buy a copy, please go back to the venue and download the new version. I’ll try my best to keep the quality up in future.

Sincerely, Carl Chelsea