You Dirty Thing!


“You Dirty Thing!”  Were you a watcher when you were younger?  Always hiding to see what the grownups were up to?  Yeah, Tamara’s kinda like that.

When Rachel is away she calls up Carl each evening for a bedtime story.  He gives good story!  Tonight’s story involves Tamara and her family.  Which means plenty of taboos, kinks, orgies, and a real bang up series of parties!  You see Tamara, has these kinky parents who like to throw certain parties.  Little do they know their darling daughter has been watching, learning and working her poor clit like there’s no tomorrow!

After watching her parents and neighbors engage in just about everything possible for two bodies to bring each other off, she makes plans to do more than just watch.

But is it true?  Carl knows how to push all of Rachel’s kinky little buttons, and with this story he manages to hit them all; voyeurism, blowjobs, creampies, gangbangs, bondage, leather masks, sex shows, suburban swing parties, various groupings of M/F, M/M/M/F, F/F, F/F/F, and of course M/F/F/F!

Carl’s bedtime story involves fictional accounts of mad kinkiness, but no one is harmed and none of it is real… I think.  Are you ready for a wild ride?  Of course you are, you dirty thing!  Let’s go!