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Happy to say our favorite new book,
“Penny Johnson: salacious tales from the Analog West” has received a 5 star review!

cover by Carl Chelsea


We hope you enjoy this three part series as well!

These stand alone books are connected by a continuity, but are hella entertaining in any order. Parts one, “Broken Bolt” and three, “A Clockwork Heart” will be available a little later in the year.  This Sticky Steampunk adventure was going to be a one shot novella, but it kept creating storyline, so it was decided that if we could create a three parter that was worth your time and cash that is what we would do.

“Broken Bolt” is getting a final edit and polish as we speak!  It may actually be better than “Penny Johnson”!  We’ll let “you all” decide!

"Broken Bolt" cover

cover by Carl Chelsea

This is the unofficial cover for part one, “Broken Bolt”.  It may or may not be the finished product.  Ask Rachel!?