I love writing erotica. It’s freeing to plunge into concepts and stroke unused parts of your brain! I hope it’s just as freeing to read the things I write about as well!

It has turned again! Technology that is! E-Readers are wonderful things. Publishing for them is even more wonderful! Many of my writer friends have jumped over to E-reader publishing. All it takes is talent, a bit of work and you are for sale on any number of sites! You offer fresh smut with just the click of a mouse and the world will beat a path to your URL. Well, they’ll beat something! 😉

Kindle, Nook, whathaveyou, even a plain ol’ PC will handle these stories and since the authors are typically fresh and untried… virginal even, they tend to put out cheaply! Cheap and smutty never felt so good!

We’re building up to a climax here! Here it comes! MY POINT! Ahhhh!

Here are links to some GREAT online venues for e-published erotica. I know MANY of these people, hell I AM one of these people! So, here then these links!

1.) Amazons Kindle Erotica Selection!
2.) SMASHWORDS erotica rack!
3.) Barnes and Nobles, nookie nook?

Of those three, Smashwords is by far my favorite! Who doesn’t love an underdog!