You Dirty Thing!


You Dirty Thing!


“You Dirty Thing!”  Were you a watcher when you were younger?  Always hiding to see what the grownups were up to?  Yeah, Tamara’s kinda like that.

When Rachel is away she calls up Carl each evening for a bedtime story.  He gives good story!  Tonight’s story involves Tamara and her family.  Which means plenty of taboos, kinks, orgies, and a real bang up series of parties!  You see Tamara, has these kinky parents who like to throw certain parties.  Little do they know their darling daughter has been watching, learning and working her poor clit like there’s no tomorrow!

After watching her parents and neighbors engage in just about everything possible for two bodies to bring each other off, she makes plans to do more than just watch.

But is it true?  Carl knows how to push all of Rachel’s kinky little buttons, and with this story he manages to hit them all; voyeurism, blowjobs, creampies, gangbangs, bondage, leather masks, sex shows, suburban swing parties, various groupings of M/F, M/M/M/F, F/F, F/F/F, and of course M/F/F/F!

Carl’s bedtime story involves fictional accounts of mad kinkiness, but no one is harmed and none of it is real… I think.  Are you ready for a wild ride?  Of course you are, you dirty thing!  Let’s go!


Steampunk Erotic Romance from Broken Bolt, Oklahoma Territory.

“The flesh of their bodies shone slick with sweat as they gripped each other desperately and shared the building carnal sensations.”

Nice! Rachel swirls up some good turns of phrase. For fans of Penny Johnson, be aware, Broken Bolt is Finally in final draft! Soon, my lovelies, soon!

Cover Broken Bolt

Steampunk Erotic Romance in the Midwestern scraplands.


One Penny gets 5 Stars!


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Happy to say our favorite new book,
“Penny Johnson: salacious tales from the Analog West” has received a 5 star review!

cover by Carl Chelsea

We hope you enjoy this three part series as well!

These stand alone books are connected by a continuity, but are hella entertaining in any order. Parts one, “Broken Bolt” and three, “A Clockwork Heart” will be available a little later in the year.  This Sticky Steampunk adventure was going to be a one shot novella, but it kept creating storyline, so it was decided that if we could create a three parter that was worth your time and cash that is what we would do.

“Broken Bolt” is getting a final edit and polish as we speak!  It may actually be better than “Penny Johnson”!  We’ll let “you all” decide!

"Broken Bolt" cover

cover by Carl Chelsea

This is the unofficial cover for part one, “Broken Bolt”.  It may or may not be the finished product.  Ask Rachel!?


I got nostalgic for all those old Playboy Press paperbacks my Dad had stashed in bottom drawers and behind clothes in the closet, so I decided to revamp a few covers.  Having worked in book sales for years and years I decided to make them look like the used books that have run through my hands.  I hope someone somewhere gets a kick out of them.  What do you think?ImageImageImage

The “Lovely Daughter” series begins!


We have a new series and it’s a fun one! In a world full of girls, everyone is someone’s daughter. So here now, this series.

The initial book is “The Farmers Lovely Daughter” and to celebrate we are offering it free, yep, free! at Smashwords. Use this coupon code and download in the format you need.

Promotional price: $0.00
Coupon Code: ZQ73A
Expires: April 30, 2012

If you love it, leave a review! If you hate it, well F. U.! No, no, kidding!

If you DO hate it, email us at and tell me why!?

Would love some feedback good or bad!

Farmer's Lovely Daughter Cover

New Venue! “1 EROTICA Ebooks!”

Another fine online shop that specializes in the torrid and tempting stories with such titles as, “Screw Him Gay”, Slave Girls of Dragon’s Lair” and “Do Me Dirty”!

Okay it’s got a lot of quirky, and a lot of quality! Come check them out! Most all of your favorites and of course plenty of “Rachel’s Lace Erotica” is on hand for you to pick up for some quality one handed reading!

Rachel’s Lace Erotica at Not all of our stuff is posted, but it soon will be!
[UPDATE]  aaaand they’re closed.  It was a good run, guys!  Best to you!

Buffing my bookcover!

“Never heard it called that before!”

Recently I changed up the cover of one of my favorite books, “Cumming of Age”  (which you can see below this post actually!)  I didn’t think it fair that the offspring looked better than the parent story!

SO…  I dug around and found something to work with, then smushed it all into p-shop and here it is!  The new cover for the very first book I put out here in “Self-pub for e-reader-landia!”  I wonder what you think?  Was the original cleaner and easier to “get”, or does the new cover make you want to check it out?

NEW cover…
Flashers New Cover

OLD cover…
OLD cover

Dressing up a dressing up story!

“Cumming of Age” is the sequel to “FLASHERS”. It concerns Chelsea Landers, the daughter of the woman in the original book. It has never garnered much interest, but I think it’s one of the best, and most kinky, books I’ve written! Rachel said it’s because the cover is shite. Okay, so I took her advice. It’s smut so let it shine! Here is the original cover next the current one. What do you think? Is it better? Worse? No much different?

NEW (and improved!) COVERNew cover

OLD (and boring) COVERold cover